No shame in a C

Dear Greg,

I appreciate your e-mail protesting the C you received on your midterm exam. I know it must have taken a lot of courage to write me. (Of course, it would have taken even more courage to confront me in person, but whatever. Not everyone has gumption.)

"I've made my decision," Professor Dawson tells Greg. "The C will stand."

“I’ve made my decision,” Professor Dawson tells Greg. “The C will stand.”

I read your argument word for word. (Well, kind of. A lot of it was whiny, I’m-entitled-to-whatever- I-want blather, so you’ll forgive me if I skipped those parts.)

You made many good points, and I considered them carefully. You said the test was too broad in scope; that not enough time was allotted for completion; that some of the material wasn’t covered in class. You also claimed a C would wreck your GPA, and that your scholarship hinges on your academic performance.

Yes, good points, in all. I can assure you I pondered over them extensively, and after much debate — two minutes — I reached my conclusion:

The C will stand.

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