A love poem

Love Poem

9 comments on “A love poem

  1. Wow! Stunning, provocative, heartwarming, tender, lovely, sensual, mesmerizing, adoringly brilliant! Two toes curled, rates Friskel and Beiber.

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    • If I approach the artistic ingenuity of Beiber, then I know I’m doing something right.

      And not to brag too much, but I also rhymed “I love you” with the line “My heart will always be true.”

      So yeah, my lyrical prowess is sure to set me apart.

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  2. Well, you know, “Dicky Dilver,” which I have always thought was a hoot of a word, is perfect because it not only is a beautiful flower (Periwinkle), it’s also a flower that’s supposed to inspire love and it’s one of the few words that truly rhymes with silver. And who wouldn’t be bowled over by their admirer somehow insinuating the words dicky dilver into a love poem? I know I would be impressed. 😀 I can just see the look of adoration on the gal’s face now…

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    • You’ve convinced me. If I can’t win her heart with a phrase like “Dicky Dilver,” then it’s a lost cause — especially considering that Dicky Dilver is a beautiful flower. Speaking of which, I guess I should try buying her flowers sometime. I tend to stick to practical gifts like vacuum cleaners and oven mitts, but she never seems to appreciate them.

      But I would love for her to give me a look of adoration sometime, instead of the typical look of revulsion I’ve come to know so well.

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      • Wouldn’t oven mitts imply she’s “hot?” If she can’t appreciate such a romantic overture, you’re better off with someone else anyway! Although, following that logic, not sure what to say about the vacuum cleaner….maybe you did offend her after all. Bad you! You’d better hope the Dicky Dilver comes through for you.

        I have to admit, I just like saying it. I may have to get a potted periwinkle, so when people come in and ask me about it, I can tell them, that’s my “dicky dilver.” Not sure what that says about ME. Probably why I’ve grown accustomed to looks of revulsion (or is that pity??) myself. 😀

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      • I ended up giving her a Dicky Dilver, and she thought it was great! She said she was going to take it home to show her new boyfriend.

        So now I’ve torn up my love poem, and the worst part is, I’ve lost my Dicky Dilver.

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      • Oh no! You poor thing! Losing your Dicky Dilver like that…it’s awful.

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