Romantic advice — the unsolicited variety

a young man and woman in loveWhen it comes to quixotic conquests and the tender, impassioned yearnings of the heart, I’m not exactly an expert.

But I can say this:

When her “intimate voice” sounds less like a seductive purr, and more like a trilling Chewbacca, it might be time to re-evaluate the relationship.

Just a handy tidbit to keep in mind as you traipse through the thorny wilderness called “love.”

You’re welcome.

5 comments on “Romantic advice — the unsolicited variety

  1. I don’t know, some people might find that trilling Chewie voice quite enthralling. Of course maybe they themselves sort of resemble Bigfoot and live out in the middle of nowhere…but still.

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  2. Unsolicitied is my favourite kind!


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    • I used to think the eight most terrible words in the English language were, “No thank you — I already have a boyfriend.” But now I know they’re actually “Let me give you a word of advice” … especially when you didn’t ask for any.


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