Fifty Shades of Sweat Socks

dark bedroom with lamp

4 comments on “Fifty Shades of Sweat Socks

  1. You might want to double check with you on that one.

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    • Perhaps not so surprisingly, things didn’t work out. I think she was looking for a billionaire globetrotter, and I had to explain that my one-bedroom hovel doesn’t come with a red room.


  2. If she doesn’t appreciate your gym socks, then she’s just not worthy. 😀 I saw your comment about her wanting a globetrotter and was going to make a joke about basketball not being in 50 Shades (but how cool would that be!?) but then changed my mind… 😀

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    • Thank you — I needed to hear that! Yeah, she just couldn’t bring herself to appreciate my improvisation. And what was I supposed to do? My apartment doesn’t even come with a washer and dryer — let alone a Christian Grey-like dungeon.

      I think your globetrotter-basketball joke is entirely appropriate. Unlike the plot of 50 Shades, it actually makes sense.


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