Say Anything


12 thoughts on “Say anything

    1. Allen Post author

      I’ve always noticed that when someone says they really shouldn’t say anything, be prepared for a mouthful! You’re going to hear more than you ever wanted to hear.

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      1. BunKaryudo

        I have a coworker whose hobby is explaining everything that happened in the climactic of TV shows and movies you haven’t watched yet. It’s a perfectly endearing habit, as I’m sure you can imagine.

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      2. Allen Post author

        What a thoughtful coworker! If there’s a plus side, I guess it could be that by knowing all the plots in advance, you could save money by canceling cable and Netflix. No need to enjoy cinematic entertainment when you have someone to share all the plots with you.

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  1. In My Cluttered Attic

    My lips are sealed, your secret is safe with me. Can’t say much about other people’s secrets, though, but your understand, I’m sworn to secrecy. Oh okay, but it’s just between you, me, and these walls. What’s that, you don’t have any walls? Does anyone know that? Not that I’d ever tell anyone. Mums the word! Oh darn, that’s the secret password to Number 10 Downing Streets back door! But you never heard that from me!

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    1. Allen Post author

      Whenever I hear the phrase, “I really shouldn’t say anything,” I always know it’s going to be followed by a “but.”

      There’s *always* a “but.” 🙂


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