‘Man’ overboard

Man Overboard

5 comments on “‘Man’ overboard

  1. That’s a very good point, Allen. I mean people are always quick to yell “Man overboard!”, But, a woman overboard?” And what about aliens, huh? Klutzes of the world unite! 😀

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  2. And how do you assume it’s just one person?

    Because, both my hubby and I were just tossed off the ship. We both need savin’

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    • Hopefully you can both find a floating door to climb on … although come to think of it, that didn’t work out so well for Jack and Rose.

      I always thought it was odd when she said “I’ll never let you go, Jack,” then wrenched his hand from hers and let him go. I mean, even Kate Winslet admits that there was plenty of room for both of them on that door.

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