Tiny house

dirt road through trees

9 comments on “Tiny house

  1. Allen, I think I live in a house just like the one you mentioned. Of course it’s only made of wood and has a small crescent moon on the door and sits in a wide opened field—but that’s only because mom and dad didn’t want, or could afford an orchard…darn! So, I had to settle for this little wooden shack with no furniture, but which has poor plumbing. But it does offer lots of privacy, or at least until someone comes knocking. But otherwise, I feel almost self-reliant—when I’m in there. However, I’d be willing to let it go on the cheap to the right buyer/. In the meantime…I’m just waiting till they really gotta go!

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    • I knew the real-estate market was in the toilet, but I didn’t realize how bad it’s gotten! I imagine if you wanted to list it, a creative agent would advertise it as “a rugged cabin-like structure in a pastoral setting … the scent of organic materials wafting in the delicate breeze. The home features a distinctive, hard-carved moon in the door and easy access to the facilities. Also includes a composting toilet!”

      They’re pretty savvy like that. You’d probably have a bidding war, sight (and scent) unseen!


      • Allen, you’re a real pal. Wow…a real estate agent. Gee, I don’t know what they are, but I bet they can sure smell a buck or two, can’t they? And they write real perty like, too. Garsh darn, I’ve been living in these here woods for so darn long I’d almost forgotten that my land grab might actually be worth somethin. Hell, I never even thunk my property could sound so good! Why I’d even be willing to bet that they could make it sound like I was sittin on me a gold mine! I’m happier now than a miner in pig poop! 😀

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      • Exactly! The only thing better is if your dwelling was two-story. I’m not sure how that would work logistically, though. (And wouldn’t the downstairs occupant be surprised!) 🙂


      • LMAO! Exactly why I abandoned (just today in fact!) that idea I had to expand an upstairs. Imagine, your neighbor dropping in for more than a cup of sugar. 😀

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  2. I don’t know why, but this sounds a little Trump-ish to me. 🙂

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