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7 thoughts on “Stuck in the middle with you

  1. In My Cluttered Attic

    That’s me in the blue car, ducking down to avoid detection by Speed Racer in the lime green car behind me. I’m on the floorboard attempting to get the hyperdrive fixed so that I can push gramps and his VW Bus into another galaxy far, far away! All the while, still working on a plan to destroy Rogue One in his blue pickup (with camper shell), obliviously coasting in the fast lane, hoping to god it’s all not a trap, because Admiral Ackbar chose—today of all days!—not to be my co-pilot on the way to work. The cad!

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    1. Colane Conundrum Post author

      I just can’t win where I live. People either drive 25 or 155. Nobody but me attempts to hover around the speed limit.

      And most people will cut you off on two wheels so they can putt at 25 in the fast lane. It’s so bad, I have to leave two hours early to make a 10-minute commute….

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