A round of applause for the guy who counted Vanna White’s claps 

hand with pen writing tally marks.

Apparently, someone actually counted the average number of times Vanna White claps during an episode of “Wheel of Fortune.” And you thought you had a tedious job.

In a recent issue of Women’s World magazine (and please don’t ask why I’m reading Women’s World magazine), they cite a fun fact from the Guinness Book of World Records about Vanna White, the famous letter-turner from TV’s Wheel of Fortune. 

According to the magazine (well, actually, according to the Guinness Book of World Records), Vanna White is “Televisions Most Frequent Clapper, averaging 600-plus claps per show.”

OK. I have a question.

And I imagine you can guess what it is.

Who in the world is quantifying the number of claps Vanna White averages in a given show?

Immediately, I picture some guy in a bathrobe with way too much time on on his hands, sitting with a clipboard in his lap and tallying each individual clap.

And it’s not like he arrived at his total by watching only one episode. “Average” implies that he watched a number of episodes, counted the individual claps in each one, then divided the number of claps by the number of episodes he watched to arrive at the 600 figure.

Not to sound judgmental, but that’s downright weird.

Forget about the number of times Vanna White claps — I want to know more about this guy. Who is he? How did he get a job with The Guinness Book of World Records? Does he hold a patent for his amazingly effective tallying methods?

My journalistic instincts tell me that he’s the real story here.


13 thoughts on “A round of applause for the guy who counted Vanna White’s claps 

    1. Colane Conundrum Post author

      Yeah … well. See, the thing is, they have a really good horoscope section.

      Plus, the health page is always interesting.

      But that’s all I read. Honest.

      Well, OK. Sometimes I read the mini-mystery, too.

      But that’s it. 😉

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    1. Colane Conundrum Post author

      That’s exactly what I was thinking. Why would anyone even care?

      When it comes to Vanna White, the only thing I want to know is how she even landed a job as a TV letter-turner in the first place. Because that’s a pretty neat job. Did she cite at least three references on her resume? Was there special training required? Are there internships available for other people who are interested in pursuing the field?

      These are the questions I really want answered.

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    1. Colane Conundrum Post author

      I imagine he’s one one those guys who likes to work from home because he hates wearing pants.

      Although the clipboard is an absolute necessity when tallying the claps of America’s favorite letter-turner, a shirt and trousers are optional.

      So it’s just as well that he works from home. I think most of us would prefer that he stay away from the office. 🙂


  1. sportsattitudes

    The story absolutely is that person counting claps. I say person because it may be a woman. A woman who knows she can get more claps in a half-hour show than Vanna and just needs to know what the benchmark is. A woman who wants Vanna gone so she can be the one turning heads and letters in prime time. As for your reading Women’s World you get a pass from me. I’m a Cosmo guy myself.

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    1. Colane Conundrum Post author

      I didn’t consider that the counter might be an aspiring apprentice seeking to abscond with Vanna’s letter-turning fame. But it makes sense. What better way to get the job than to out-clap Vanna? If the apprentice can average 700 claps per show, she just might shatter a record and ascend to game-show superstardom! It’s a sinister plot on par with Dr. Evil!

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  2. In My Cluttered Attic

    Alan, when I first heard that Woman’s World was curious about knowing what the real reason was behind Vanna’s clapping at the drop of a hat, I immediately dropped my robe and went down to their offices—oblivious to the fact that I had nothing on underneath—to plead with them to let me do the story. Thank god I routinely carry a clipboard (even in the shower) because the screams of delight alerted me to the fact that I was totally naked at the time. So I promptly covered up and informed the editor that I work for the Guinness Book people and routinely do investigative reporting for them—I’m the one who broke the story about the largest pot of gold ever found at the end of a rainbow… in Donald Trump’s penthouse. Anyway, she asked me to put my robe back on and look into the phenomenon. Turns out Vanna believes in fairies and wants Tinkerbell to stay healthy is all. I thought there’d be more to it really.

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    1. Colane Conundrum Post author

      Although I’m reassured that Vanna is supportive of Tinkerbell and actively promoting her longevity, I’m concerned that such clapping might prove detrimental in the long run. I would imagine Vanna must have callouses the size of dinner plates from slamming her palms together so frequently. I might advise she wear gloves to protect her palms. Either that, or she should find another, less physically demanding way to express her enthusiasm.

      Perhaps she can give the contestants a thumbs-up, instead?


      1. In My Cluttered Attic

        LOL! I’ve always suspected Vanna was one who likes doing things the hard way. Why just look at the way she walks across that stage every single time someone calls out a correct letter to go spin it around. Couldn’t she just stand at one end of the stage and press a button? Oh well, maybe Vanna just likes callouses. How else can we explain away Pat Sajaks reluctance to lift a finger to help out Vanna in turning letters. 😀

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      2. Colane Conundrum Post author

        Vanna’s job has definitely gotten easier over the years. She actually used to have to turn letters, but now all she has to do is press a button. Talk about enhancing your productivity! I’ll bet her workman’s comp filings have reduced significantly. And I’m sure Pat doesn’t feel as guilty now not helping out. 😉

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