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The future turned out to be as dull as the present

back to 1984

This isn’t quite the future I had in mind.

When I was a kid in the 1990s, I used to watch Back to the Future II — the one where Doc and Marty travel from the year 1985 to 2015. I remember how exciting it was then to dream about the future and all the technological advancements it would bring.

Talk about a letdown.

Instead of hoverboards, we got Facebook. I’d say that was a pretty crappy trade. I guess the filmmakers couldn’t envision a world where everyone wanders around with their mouths hanging open, staring at their phones. Only Orwell could have imagined such a nightmarish scenario. As far as futures go, this one feels less like “Back to the Future” and more like “1984.”

Great Scott, Marty!

We spend so much time looking forward to the future, and when it finally arrives, it’s always a disappointment. There are always unaccomplished goals, unfulfilled ambitions. Plus, the music in general sucks. My favorite iTunes playlist looks like the Billboard chart from 1969 — and that’s just the way I like it.

They say you should live for the moment, and I suppose they’re right. It’s good to have goals, but if you postpone all your happiness for some future date, you’re going to end up in an alternate 1985. 

Speaking of which, sometimes it feels like life skewed off into an alternate timeline, and that the present we’re living in isn’t the one we imagined it would be. But that’s life. It’s not a straight, unbending line. It’s more like a twisting, wending river that carves new paths as it flows over time. It’s always readjusting itself and finding a different, more interesting way.

So no, this isn’t the future I imagined. It’s not as thrilling as I thought it would be when I was a kid.

But when you take life one day at a time, then overall, things are pretty darn good. 

Well, most things. I’m still peeved that we never got such technological advancements as flying Deloreans or hydrated pizza.

You’d think that humankind would be further developed by now. 

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