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Blank pages waiting to be written on

Every time I go to a Dollar Tree or a Big Lots or somewhere like that, I have to buy a spiral-bound notebook. It’s a compulsion. It’s even gotten to where I have to avoid the school supplies aisle in the supermarket. I always end up with a Spiderman or Hello Kitty notebook in my […]

Going the distance – albeit with short bursts of speed

I’m more of a sprinter than a long-distance runner. Actually, let me clarify. When it comes to track, my preferred position is spectator. But if you were to drag me back in time to high school, re-enroll me in my sophomore year, and force me to fulfill my physical-education requirement by taking a semester of […]

An essay of epic proportions

I sat down to write a blog post the other day, and this overwhelming sense of exhaustion draped over me. The idea of piecing together a coherent essay – complete with a gripping lede, a compelling thesis, and a succinct conclusion to tie it all up – seemed daunting and not worth the strain. I […]

Long periods of harsh drought

I recently watched a biography about Woody Allen, in which the comedic legend said that throughout his career, he’s never suffered from writer’s block. No kidding. In addition to his numerous essays and plays, Allen’s been writing and directing a movie a year since the 1970s. His voluminous output makes Shakespeare look like a literary lightweight. […]

Is writing a useless skill?

Since the Great Recession, writing-related jobs have become scarce. It’s growing harder and harder to find a career where communication plays a crucial role. Which begs the question: Is writing now a useless skill? 

That magical place where movies are made

Beneath Hollywood’s sleek and glamorous exterior lies a core of deception and decay. So naturally, that’s where I went to make my dreams come true.

Writing about writing

All of the writing manuals say to write what you know, but I don’t really know anything. My only real hobby is writing, but you can only write so much about writing before you say everything you have to say. It’s a fruitless endeavor — sort of like an apple tree that never learned to […]

That’s not the write answer

More people now are blogging, Tweeting, texting, e-mailing and Facebooking than in generations past. This is a terrible setback for society. Not so much because people are ignoring their loved ones to stare at their phones, or because it’s turning regular folks into rabid narcissists (the kind who post every boring, mundane detail about their lives […]

Hopefully remaining hopeful

There’s nothing more calming, peaceful and spiritually refreshing than writing. Unfortunately, with our fast-paced, modern-day lifestyles, most people are too harried to try it. Writing also allows people to preserve a part of themselves for posterity. It’s a fun and creative way to preserve memories — and it’s certainly less expensive than being cryogenically frozen. […]

Coffee, doughnuts and other tools for writers

In his afterword to “The Big Silence,” the first of three detective novels featuring private eye Jack Ross, writer Bernard Schopen says: “Rereading something I wrote — be it in the distant past, the recent past, yesterday, an hour ago — is usually an occasion of intense embarrassment. Almost always the gap between the remembered […]