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A surefire way to move traffic

During the summer before I started college, I worked as a laborer for a lawn-cutting service. There were five guys on the crew — including me — and my boss was a guy named Crew Leader Carl. He had hair down to his shoulders and always had a cigarette sticking out the side of his […]

Stuck in the middle with you

The lengths some people will go to steal a parking space

I happened to be following a car as it pulled into my apartment complex. It turned left at the entrance and started driving through the parking lot toward my unit. I didn’t recognize the car, so I figured it had to be a guest, and not a tenant. “I bet he tries to park in […]

Learning to drive in the city

When I moved from the country to the city, the DMV said my driving skills weren’t sufficient to keep pace with urban living. They told me I had to take a personalized driving lesson with one of their special instructors. “I’ve never heard of this,” I told the toad-looking woman behind the counter. She had […]

A calm, easygoing commute

As you might know, I have a demonstrated propensity for getting stuck behind monstrous, slow-moving trucks on my way to work. Today was no exception. I was already late, because I had stopped at the Jack in the Box drive-through to get a breakfast sandwich. I’d devoured it even before I reached the highway, and […]

‘Not responsible for any of the crap that flies out of my truck’

Every day for the past week, I’ve been stuck behind a truck on my way to work. It’s always hauling gravel, too — most of which showers the roadway and patters on my windshield and hood.

Cheating vehicular miscreants who sponge off your stops

“Stop deceivers” are among the sneakiest of miscreants you’ll encounter on the road. They surreptitiously run stop signs by driving alongside another vehicle.

No ‘P’ Any Time

Sometimes a “P” just isn’t wanted.

Driving lessons not taught in school

“The object is to hit as many jackrabbits as possible,” my uncle would say during our driving lessons. “You know, to improve your eye-hand coordination.” Then, he’d yell, “Faster, dammit, faster! Ain’t no speed limit if no one’s around to see you!” And then he’d flick his cigarette at my head, to make sure I got the point.