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The kind that produce gas

I like to conclude a romantic evening with a beautiful woman by reaching across the table, taking her hand, and extolling the many virtues of beneficial gut bacteria. It’s not often I get a second date. Actually, I’m not even a big proponent of probiotics. Not anymore. I took them regularly for a few years, […]

Why I started flossing more

I’m a colossal disappointment. At least according to my dental hygienist. She didn’t say as much — at least at first — but I could tell. Even under the face guard and surgical mask, her narrowed eyes belied her disdain. I found myself withering under the piercing gaze of her intense disapproval. It was as […]

A glass of wine each day

A glass of wine each day can prolong your life. Two or more glasses can make life worth living.

The unexpected humor potential of gut-friendly microflora

I came up with the most awesome joke the other day. And like all the best-known one-liners, it involved probiotics: “I like to take probiotics and antibiotics at the same time and let them duke it out in my stomach.”  Great stuff, right? Excellent execution, amazing creativity — the kind of joke that will inscribe […]

A highly recommended toothbrush

My toothbrush has been giving me crap because I’ve been using it to scrub my tongue. “Get a tongue scraper,” it tells me. “I don’t do tongues.”