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The incessant whining of House Hunters couples

If I were a masochist, I might reach out and flush the toilet while showering. Or, I could stick my hand in a beehive and pluck off a chunk of honeycomb. Or, easier yet, I could simply watch a marathon of House Hunters reruns over the weekend. Talk about excruciating agony. If you’ve read this […]

What your real-estate agent is really telling you

Real-estate professionals speak a language all their own. However, with the right training (and a couple of evening real-estate courses), you, too, can comprehend the baffling jargon agents use to confound their clients — as well as impress each other. “Today we’re going to be looking at a cozy bungalow that’s right in your price […]

House Hunters

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This week on ‘Home Searchers’

Newlyweds Kyle and Melanie are shopping for their first home. “Unfortunately, their list of ‘must-haves’ reads longer than the Affordable Care Act,” says their agent, Roberta Marks, as she makes dramatic slicing motions across her wrists. “If I get through this ordeal with my sanity intact, it’ll be a miracle.”