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Old codgers apparently aren’t important enough to poison 

During the summer before I started college, I worked as a laborer for a lawn-cutting service. There were five guys on the crew — including me — and my boss was a guy named Crew Leader Carl. He had hair down to his shoulders and always had a cigarette sticking out the corner of his […]

‘Yes, dear’

‘Man’ overboard

“Man” overboard? Hold on, now. Why do we have to assume it’s a man right off the bat?

Magic Eye poster

She’s looking at me like I’m a Magic-Eye poster. As if she stares hard enough, something more amazing will emerge.

Wedding bells

Not sure if that’s wedding bells I hear, or the sound of dreams dying slowly.

Lasting love

I tell her she’s the reason I wake up in the morning. But really, it’s because I have to pee.

‘She does the laundry’

A secluded family home down an idyllic country lane

A country home offers everything a growing family could want: seclusion, privacy, gorgeous scenery. But no Internet, come to find out. I wish they’d mentioned that little tidbit on the flyer.

Because fishing