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The only thing I’m looking to enlarge is my audience, thank you

“So I was reading your blog yesterday,” said my friend, Helen, “and I noticed that the ads were gone. You must have paid extra to have them removed.” I nodded. “Yeah. They were getting a little intrusive. The final straw was when they posted three penis-enlargement ads on one page. I’m all for free enterprise, […]

A modern-day success story 

It was after dinner on Wednesday evening. I was in the office working on my blog. My girlfriend, Ashley, was in the kitchen loading the dishwasher. (I wasn’t entirely sure how the household chores always seemed to land on her plate, but I wasn’t one to question the status quo.) As I typed, the phone […]

Big media and its incessant war against Millennials

Last week, I was invited to participate in an editorial meeting at a metropolitan newspaper. I followed all of the reporters to a conference room and took a seat. The executive editor sat in a chair near the front. “Listen up, everyone,” he said, holding up his hands. The chatter in the room slowly subsided. […]

‘State of Play’ and the state of journalism

The 2009 film “State of Play” delves into the untidy, tangled world of investigate journalism … as well as the untidy, tangled world of Russell Crowe’s hair.

‘I could write these things!’

I have a relative who likes to forecast the outcome of every movie he watches. The problem is, he’s always 100 percent wrong.

Stairway to heaven

Crazy! If you listen to “Stairway to Heaven” forwards, you hear a lot of strange lyrics that don’t make sense!

If you’re recommending death, then jazz it up a tad 

Jury recommends … no, “strongly urges” … no, “passionately exhorts” death for convicted mass murderer. 

Is writing a useless skill?

Since the Great Recession, writing-related jobs have become scarce. It’s growing harder and harder to find a career where communication plays a crucial role. Which begs the question: Is writing now a useless skill? 

That’s not the write answer

More people now are blogging, Tweeting, texting, e-mailing and Facebooking than in generations past. This is a terrible setback for society. Not so much because people are ignoring their loved ones to stare at their phones, or because it’s turning regular folks into rabid narcissists (the kind who post every boring, mundane detail about their lives […]

Hopefully remaining hopeful

There’s nothing more calming, peaceful and spiritually refreshing than writing. Unfortunately, with our fast-paced, modern-day lifestyles, most people are too harried to try it. Writing also allows people to preserve a part of themselves for posterity. It’s a fun and creative way to preserve memories — and it’s certainly less expensive than being cryogenically frozen. […]