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The rich are suffering the most in the U.S.’s overheated housing market

According to recent data, the lack of available housing in the U.S. is pushing the rich into increasingly substandard living conditions — including homes that lack indoor swimming pools and which feature laminate floors instead of hardwood.  The finding came from a recent economic report issued by the Association for Statistical Study and Emerging Sciences, […]

Getting ahead by getting in over your head

“You know, you really should consider buying a house,” said my friend, Wayne, as he looked around my dismal apartment, his lips curled in a condescending sneer. “Now is a terrific time to buy.” “Really?” I said, settling across from him on my grungy couch. “Right now? You mean when inventory is depleted and prices […]

Rallying for all the wrong reasons

My next-door neighbor, Paul, was all grins the other day when we met for drinks after work. “What are you so happy about?” I asked, my head sagging over my gin and tonic. “Well,” Paul said, wearing a huge smile, “I’m not sure if you follow the financial news, but there was a major relief […]

Financial experts: No matter what the market, you should always buy stocks

I walked into a local money manager’s office the other day to open an account. “Do you have an appointment, sir?” the receptionist asked, as I walked past her desk. I walked into the money manager’s office and sat down at his desk. “Here’s the thing,” I said. “I know you’re a money manager, so […]

Money makes the world go round

Yellen farts; markets surge

U.S. stock markets rallied on news that the Fed is going to protect short-term speculators by ignoring long-term structural problems in the overall economy.

A penny for your slots

A relative of mine came to town to gamble. He’d recently gotten his tax return and wanted to put it to good use. “You could put it in the bank,” I suggested. “Nah,” he said. “Too risky. When it comes to losing money, I prefer a casino to inflation. At least a casino is upfront […]