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‘State of Play’ and the state of journalism

The 2009 film “State of Play” delves into the untidy, tangled world of investigate journalism … as well as the untidy, tangled world of Russell Crowe’s hair.

Coffee, doughnuts and other tools for writers

In his afterword to “The Big Silence,” the first of three detective novels featuring private eye Jack Ross, writer Bernard Schopen says: “Rereading something I wrote — be it in the distant past, the recent past, yesterday, an hour ago — is usually an occasion of intense embarrassment. Almost always the gap between the remembered […]

Crumpling newsprint and digital journalism

Some say blogging is the new journalism of the 21st century. If they’re including my blog, then we’re in trouble. My most riveting posts include fart jokes and idiotic insights. But then again, those topics are more interesting — and certainly more germane — than the reporting newspapers offer. Newspapers everywhere are crumpling (pun not […]