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Every online Office Assistant job posting

Our company has an exciting opportunity for an enthusiastic and dynamic Office Assistant. The Office Assistant will be responsible for supporting 47 senior-level executives, as well as completing degrading, rudimentary tasks — such as making coffee and sorting the mail. Qualifications: • Four-year degree required, preferably with an emphasis on structural engineering or quantum physics. […]

Attack of the time parasite

The time parasite is a wretched and despicable creature. They’re among the lowest form of scum imaginable (a true invertebrate with no noticeable backbone or useful purpose), and they often come with an overinflated sense of self worth and a graduate degree in business administration. The time parasite is a true bottom-feeding life form oozing […]

Omit the extraneous details, please 

“Did you know there was an earthquake last night?” I asked my friend, Hank, as we stood near the water cooler at work. “Oh, yeah,” he said. “I felt it.” “You felt it?” I asked. “They said it happened around eleven-thirty. I was asleep.” “Yeah, well, I was awake,” he said. “You see, I’d gotten […]