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Say anything

“I probably shouldn’t say anything.” — People who say everything.

‘State of Play’ and the state of journalism

The 2009 film “State of Play” delves into the untidy, tangled world of investigate journalism … as well as the untidy, tangled world of Russell Crowe’s hair.

The greatest Christmas movie ever 

Now that the holiday season is upon us, it’s time once again to watch the greatest Christmas film in history. (And no, it’s probably not what you expect.)

Wave at a neighbor, get a stare in response

So much for trying to instill a sense of community in my crappy apartment complex. The last time a bunch of freaks lived so closely together, they pitched a tent and started a circus.

It’s a crosswalk, people — not an invincibility shield

A crosswalk isn’t an impenetrable fortress of security or an amulet offering supernatural powers. It’s white lines painted on black asphalt. Yet many pedestrians think having the right of way makes them impervious to danger.

Push notifications for everyday life

If only real life offered push notifications for everyday decisions. I’d probably be making better choices. 

If you’re recommending death, then jazz it up a tad 

Jury recommends … no, “strongly urges” … no, “passionately exhorts” death for convicted mass murderer. 

Is writing a useless skill?

Since the Great Recession, writing-related jobs have become scarce. It’s growing harder and harder to find a career where communication plays a crucial role. Which begs the question: Is writing now a useless skill? 

A supermarket code of conduct

Congress currently is considering my Supermarket Code of Conduct, which is intended to keep shoppers in line. Failure to abide by the code would result in severe civil and criminal penalties — as well as the rescission of your rewards card. 

‘If you need assistance, please hang up and pound sand’

Dear customer-service call-center representatives: When I phone your organization, please don’t flood me with a deluge of personal questions before I even have the opportunity to utter “hello.” I’m the customer, and I’m the one who’ll ask the questions. (That is, if you ever take me off “hold.”) You don’t need to know my last […]