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An economy where no one has to work

We live in an ultra-modern, super-high-tech society with instant messaging, social media, visual teleconferencing, desktop screen-sharing and collaborative workspaces. Yet despite all that, it’s still impossible to get a hold of anybody. In my professional career, I don’t think I’ve ever called anyone and actually gotten through. I’ve always been directed to voicemail. This frustration […]

Seasoned employees don’t use exclamation points

When I compare my work e-mails today to the ones I wrote as a new hire, there’s a noticeable difference. My e-mails today — though friendly — are often brief and to the point. The sentences are simple, and the punctuation is basic. “Hi John. Please send me a copy of the check. Thank you.” […]

Compelling case

That voice in the back of my head, telling me I’m not good enough … it does make a compelling case.

Caffeine and carbs

I’m cutting back on caffeine and carbs. So please, do try to avoid pissing me off.

Superfluous fashion: Time to retire the tie

Although I detest ties and rarely wear one, I always carry an air of professionalism. (I always carry a rubber chicken, too, because I like to be prepared. After all, you never know when you’ll be asked to meet with the CEO.)

A day in my old life at the real-estate office, Part II

Working at the front desk of a busy real-estate office requires patience, a professional demeanor and a cheerful attitude. So naturally, I had to pursue another profession.

A day in my old life at the real-estate office, Part I

I used to work at the front desk of a busy real-estate office. And every time the phone rang, it siphoned off a bit of my soul.

Not much networking, but plenty of debauchery at the local chamber mixer

Depravity and debauchery are hallmarks of any successful chamber mixer. And if you can network a little, too, then so much the better. (But really, it’s all about the debauchery.)

Workplace efficiency

Human ingenuity