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The top 60 Tweets of a pretentious English student 

Even graduate students studying ecocentric literature can be social-media superstars! Bio: I express my artistry through emotional meditations and lowercase letters. My heart is pure; my poetry, self-published. 1. If there’s a sock on the door, don’t come in. I’m busy reading Vonnegut. 2. If my beret doesn’t give away my artistic tendencies, then I’m […]

I didn’t think I was destroyed, but that’s what the search engines say 

Dave the Downstairs Neighbor popped into my apartment on Saturday afternoon. “What’s going on?” I asked. He shrugged. “Nothing much. Just wanted to see what you were up to.” “You’re out of beer, aren’t you?” “Not necessarily,” Dave said. “I often come by just to say hi.” “Then you won’t mind if I drink this […]

Using social media to get more blog followers 

I wanted to get more followers on my blog, so I called my old friend, Sally the Social Media Guru. “I want to get more followers on my blog,” I told her. “Oh, good,” she said. “That’s my speciality. Are you looking for active reader engagement?” “I just want a bunch of followers,” I said. […]

September 11: My written window to the past

It’s been 15 years since 9-11. Fifteen years. In some ways, it seems like a lifetime ago. In others, it feels like only yesterday. If you were alive, you probably remember what you were doing when you heard the news. You probably remember the fear, the confusion, the angst, the uncertainty. I was a 19-year-old […]

Long periods of harsh drought

I recently watched a biography about Woody Allen, in which the comedic legend said that throughout his career, he’s never suffered from writer’s block. No kidding. In addition to his numerous essays and plays, Allen’s been writing and directing a movie a year since the 1970s. His voluminous output makes Shakespeare look like a literary lightweight. […]

‘State of Play’ and the state of journalism

The 2009 film “State of Play” delves into the untidy, tangled world of investigate journalism … as well as the untidy, tangled world of Russell Crowe’s hair.

‘I could write these things!’

I have a relative who likes to forecast the outcome of every movie he watches. The problem is, he’s always 100 percent wrong.

I don’t have a speech prepared … but I won’t let that stop me

When it comes to awards and nominations, I tend to feel like Michael Keaton stuffing his acceptance speech in his jacket when someone else’s name is called. That is, I rarely win anything. I almost got a participation trophy once, but I forgot to show up. However, my evening was made when I discovered that […]

A most inappropriate pronoun 

An uncle who uses “son of a bitch” in place of all his nouns. Who knew pronouns could be so colorful?

If you’re recommending death, then jazz it up a tad 

Jury recommends … no, “strongly urges” … no, “passionately exhorts” death for convicted mass murderer.